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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Directing Your Energy.

     Where is your effort going?, what are you maintaining?, who are you enabling? Do you have a choice? Bombardier employees will be losing more jobs as airlines cut flights. With all the Gardeners that want to spend time in the garden instead of flying around polluting the sky for entertainment, and everybody aware that local food is better than fly in food, the airlines are a bad investment. So are all the corporations manufacturing and peddling weapons for war. 
     What part are you making? Or are you growing food to feed the bomb makers? Or paying taxes that subsidizes gas in the arms pushers tank. Are the Teacher Pension Funds invested in the Military Industry.? What else are they teaching? Everything one puts under the microscope is broken. Why make a list, under this monitory system, if you can find something that Is not broken, it soon will be. If you find something that is not corrupt, check again. Give power to any institution, it will soon abuse that power. Give people guns to defend themselves, those guns will soon be offensive.
      Take control of your output, direct it to correction, stay calm, carry on, start a Garden, World Feeds World IN SIX YEARS. 

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