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Friday, February 26, 2016

Crisis Alert, Gardeners.

     Expand your Gardens, there are millions of kids in refugee camps going Hungary around the world, and here in Canada. Dried pole beans pack a punch in food value, are easy to store and transport, grow across the country, put nitrogen in the soil and could be shelled in schools on a rainy day. Why would we not do this, or dry our excess fruit and tomatoes, and connect to our New Canadian Pass It On Mail Service for fast Delivery.
     We have plenty of bean seed that we hope to get planted in school yards this Spring. Hope to Visit Schools, by invitation would be nice, from BC to Manitoba, sooner better than later. Peas can be dried, lentils did well for us last year on the coast. The lentil Seed came from a organic farm in Saskatchewan. 
      At any rate, providing good food for those that are unable to feed themselves due to present circumstances, should be done, and must be done. We will be planting Beans going east and harvesting going west, to be deposited in Newest Canadian Bank, where all deposits can grow or be eaten. The Garden Party First International Bean Bank. No charges for withdrawals. 

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