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Monday, February 8, 2016

Canada's Secret Political Party Exposed.

     Real Estate Boards quietly have placed their agents in all the political parties participating in municipal, provincial and federal elections in Canada, often as candidates themselves but mostly to support and develop close ties to individual Candidates of their choice, and of course sign up as members of the Political Parties. These Realtors, who are members of all parties, serve One Unannounced Party; The bosses of the Real Estate Board. This provides the Real Estate Boards to have influence through their agent/spies to encourage every party's policies that benefits the Realtors wallets regardless of who is elected, and gives ears to the Board as to what future plans parties and government are embarking on, so those in the know can capitalize on real estate. The agents are expected to inform the Board, the Board informs their agents to work for getting conditions, laws made, development activated, zoning changed, public assets sold, all for the purpose to make money. The Board, Inner Circle, gain the most of course, it has its own trickle down benefits system. Not all agents participate, many agents participate unaware, and when it matters, all real estate members are encouraged to vote as the Board Desires.
     The Garden Party, Minister For More Unemployment recommends shovels for the entire Real Estate Industry, not because they are corrupt, but because The Garden Party considers all land Priceless, and, buying and selling a crime. We have free priceless pea seed for all unemployed Realters, and with the warm weather on West Coast of BC some could be planted now and watch your peas multiply.
    Nettles are up, deluxe steamed.


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