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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Canada's New Price Law.

     The Garden Party, Canada's First Self Government Without Borders has dropped another forkful of manure on the monitory system. When asked for a price on some purchase of value, the seller is required to ask the buyer, "what are you going to do with the purchase"? If agreeable, then the seller inquires if the buyer has dependents such as kids, if the answer is yes,  then the seller must ask if the buyer has debt. If the buyer has debt and kids to feed, the seller who has no debt and excess cash is now required to set the purchase price priceless, free with no strings attached. That is now to be the new normal way of doing Business in Canada. 
     Foreign Investors Welcome to The New Canada Without Borders, where Real Changes are taking place. We do expect another big drop in the Biggest Gambling Joints around the world by this nose shattering announcement, The Garden Party is driving the Stock Markets Right Down into the Compost, if you are expecting a recovery, you too will be in the compost. The Garden Party Goal, Compost Corruption, Manipulation, Theft,  Gambling, wasteful and useless activities of no social benefit; Stock Markets.  Soon to exist only in History as Past Stupidity.
      Talks are in the works, the Garden Party Nursery may be taken over by Homeless Tent City of Victoria incorporated with Occupation Apple Tree, a connected Branch of The Garden Party. That should confuse anyone paying attention. Dig in, Stay grounded and Get rooted. And Buy Nothing For a Week, common action in Tent City. Practice make Perfect.

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