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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Canada Gets Shake Up.

     Yes, the National Inquiry is going to open a lot sore spots getting to the light of day.  This will be a mind opener and soul searcher for most Canadians. People will come together, a whole new direction, must take place and the sooner the Better. Occupation Apple Tree is available to start off community local food supply operations. 
     We are crossing the mountains this Spring. We may be one gardener in a truck, or a caravan of Gardeners With Shovels, Looking For Dirt. 
     This is an invite, to all who want to join Gardeners With Shovels, that will evolve by who joins in, or leaves, or splits off with a branch or just decides to settle a while to continue working on one part of the Dirt. 
     One Gardener will be leaving Early April from Vancouver Island, going north to Quesnel, then East to South Eastern 
 Manitoba, to start one small garden that can grow into two acres, and will be inquiring about 80 acres. Plans, it will not be a fast trip, it may take a life time, it might go around the world,if we get an invite, we look, we discuss, we get shovels started, if agreed. Some may stay, some may join, the Caravan, all self funded, working for Freedom From Money, and the best food to eat. Local Food.

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