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Friday, February 26, 2016

Canada Abolishes Property Taxes.

     Property Taxes are a Cow to Milk by the ever changing mobs elected into Canadian Government Offices. Every politician milks a little bit, some milk a lot. High property values are great for extra milk, to carry the ever growing number of civil servants and their pensions. Very inefficient. By the time all these people dip their bread in the milk, there are only a few drops left, that is why the Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, tired of just getting the B.S., Is notifying Canadians that Henceforth All Property Taxes Are Abolished on Local Food Producing Land. 
     We will get to the rest later, just getting the foot in the barndoor, and like all politicians, trying to get out of paying taxes. Particularly taxes that are wasted and produce only aggravation.
     Composting Property Taxes should get a lot of tax collectors laid off. We still have shovels without hands on, get shovel ready, now. Planted the last of the potatoes today, some are up that were planted Three Weeks Ago. If planted now on the BC coast, even without any watering or collecting taxes, will yield a early, reasonable amount. 

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  1. What about forest producing land, we have the only intact 151+ yr rated old growth forest with well over 600yr old trees on it. Our community keeps house values and taxes as low as possible, but I still have to pay $2,000/yr to prevent everyone from cutting them down.