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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Build Bridges, Not Walls.

     The Pope has spoken, Christians Build Bridges, and Do Not Build Borders. The Garden Party agrees 100%. From Now On, The Garden Party will Ignore All National Borders. To do otherwise would be Unchristian. 
     That means anyone in world that wants to come to Canada and go on gardening tour in Canada, Welcome, no papers or silly passports necessary, have a good look and get a understanding of Agriculture in Canada, work on the change that is necessary, and get dirty hands. 
    This Holistic Tour Package that has no bottom, will cost : what you need to support yourself. The rest is Free. How Exciting is that, not having a clue about what you will be doing. It is different outside the Box Tour, where all is possible.
     Back in the Box : Gardener With Shovel Looking For Dirt, Leaving Van. Island in April, going north in BC, then East to Manitoba. All Non Christians Welcome. Drive, or Push a Wheelbarrow.

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