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Monday, February 29, 2016

Blocked From China.

     The World biggest Garbage Dump Filling Nation is entering into tough times. Occupation Apple Tree has been blocked from The China Web, but we have already dug underground and will continue to undermine their economy as long as they keep exporting Weapons of War. 
     Sorry to pull the plug on Prefab Empty Cities, but big dirty cities are not in the future, should be obvious to a horse with blinders on, but as the powers that be in China just jumped in the saddle of a old dead capitalist horse, they too will soon be singing the blues. 2015 was the Peak of Landfill Filler Production for China, 2016 is the year of a snowboard decline acceleration reaching top speed by the end of the year.
     When Spring hits China, there will be a whole lot of Gardening going on, with the Old Guard moving into real estate of the over priced condos in Vancover BC, just in time to watch the crash of housing prices that are about to shock the nation, we love projecting the good news of the future, with our inside information we could lose a fortune for investors in bad ideas, but we enjoy to let them know in advance so they have a opportunity to invest in their community, or park their assets in The Garden Party First International Bean Bank, where deposits really do grow, and there are no charges for withdrawals. 

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