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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Air Travel Dropping.

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders has grounded all Ministers. With an austerity budget the best we can do is provide one wheelbarrow for every two Ministers. This way, it may take longer to get to where they are going, but it is assumed they will be very fit and productive when they arrive. No doubt they will immediately Spring into action and do an excellent complete job, so a second trip will not be needed. The Savings that the Government will have from no longer subsidizing the corporate aero industry, the airports, or paying for plane tickets will be huge. The Garden Party may even be able to afford a wheelbarrow for each Minister.
      The Garden Party is in urgent need for more Ministers of Agriculture, none we have sent out have returned. New Ministers may be able to catch a ride with our new government branch, Gardeners With Wheelbarrows and Shovels Looking for Dirt, soon heading up North, then East to Manitoba.
      Refugees Welcome. Better to get on the land than settle in Canada Cities, they are all decaying, unsustainable and already have Local Tent City Refugees.  Dirty Cities are not a good place for the Kids, or any other life forms.

    Welcome to Super Natural Victoria BC.

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