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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

200,000 Jobs, Canada.

     Our New Minister For Even More Unemployment is not waiting for Federal Funding, The Minister is on the job with what is left of the Pension Check. The Garden Party wants food grown locally, across Canada. This can create jobs for 200,000 people growing food and taking better care of the land then we are right now. Small Farms with supportive neighbours, And get away from this ownership and money. This would give an opportunity like non other, for refugees to get connected from the ground up, they can call it home, and move when and if they want to. We are not building  prisons here. Those that prefer country over city, perfect. We start recovering Canada with our newly arrived family members. No Problem, want a peaceful world? Might take a little effort, we never expected it to be this easy. The hard part is motivation, some are waiting for Funding, money motivation. Garden Party Tour Starts in April and moves East  following Spring, if this does not go very far, we will come up with another way to reach for the evolving goal. 
     CANADA FEEDS CANADA IN SIX YEARS, open the borders let in the garden farmers. 200,000, people of the dirt stuck in Refugee Camps. And might as well get ready to take in USA relatives escaping over walls. 

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