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Monday, February 29, 2016

Blocked From China.

     The World biggest Garbage Dump Filling Nation is entering into tough times. Occupation Apple Tree has been blocked from The China Web, but we have already dug underground and will continue to undermine their economy as long as they keep exporting Weapons of War. 
     Sorry to pull the plug on Prefab Empty Cities, but big dirty cities are not in the future, should be obvious to a horse with blinders on, but as the powers that be in China just jumped in the saddle of a old dead capitalist horse, they too will soon be singing the blues. 2015 was the Peak of Landfill Filler Production for China, 2016 is the year of a snowboard decline acceleration reaching top speed by the end of the year.
     When Spring hits China, there will be a whole lot of Gardening going on, with the Old Guard moving into real estate of the over priced condos in Vancover BC, just in time to watch the crash of housing prices that are about to shock the nation, we love projecting the good news of the future, with our inside information we could lose a fortune for investors in bad ideas, but we enjoy to let them know in advance so they have a opportunity to invest in their community, or park their assets in The Garden Party First International Bean Bank, where deposits really do grow, and there are no charges for withdrawals. 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

USA Takeover of Canada.

     Without protection of a 7000 km wall, there is no possibility of stopping the American Refugees rushing North to Canada, outnumbering Canuks ten to one. The takeover by the USA is inevitable. The two nations are now consider one by the Garden Party that has no borders, and the new name of both is Canada Without Borders. We expect another invasion from farther south, but it may get delayed until Illegals run out of work when finished painting the north side of The Great White Wall, should the dumb idea even get off the ground. 
     The Presdential Election in The USA is a sick joke. The people get to choose one or the other. Some choice, people of US have lost even the power of participating in choosing who they want for a president. The inside one percent generously give the ninty nine percent two choices, take it or leave it, same as a prison menu.
      The Garden Party Self Governmemt outdoes the One Percent, figuring if people will settle for an image of choice, they will just as easily settle for no choice, which is actually what they have now,  and has declared M A Busybody, former Minister For More Unemployment of The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, as the Next President of the USA, a born Canadian. Face the facts, borders all over the world are headed for the compost, the sooner the better. People are the Government, or not. Do you have a choice? That is the new reality, take back your vote, declare self government of the people, start governing. Welcome to The Garden Party, Dig In. Sping is Here.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Stupid Pot Laws

     Marijuina is not being legalized in Canada, it is being monopolized. Pot is a herb that never should have been made illegal, all that did was fill up courts and jails, and give illegal organized crime lots of cash. Now Governments and Friends, (legalized organized crime), want to have a pot monopoly on the market. If it is a legal herb, it is legal for everybody. There need be no more regulation on pot than there is on cucumbers. It is legal and that is the end of subject. People can decide what they want to do with cucumbers, same with marijuina. We expect a rapid drop in consumption as soon as the profits disappear. Support your local growers, or grow what you use. 
      A message from The Minister of Agriculture, Self Government of Canada Without Borders.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Crisis Alert, Gardeners.

     Expand your Gardens, there are millions of kids in refugee camps going Hungary around the world, and here in Canada. Dried pole beans pack a punch in food value, are easy to store and transport, grow across the country, put nitrogen in the soil and could be shelled in schools on a rainy day. Why would we not do this, or dry our excess fruit and tomatoes, and connect to our New Canadian Pass It On Mail Service for fast Delivery.
     We have plenty of bean seed that we hope to get planted in school yards this Spring. Hope to Visit Schools, by invitation would be nice, from BC to Manitoba, sooner better than later. Peas can be dried, lentils did well for us last year on the coast. The lentil Seed came from a organic farm in Saskatchewan. 
      At any rate, providing good food for those that are unable to feed themselves due to present circumstances, should be done, and must be done. We will be planting Beans going east and harvesting going west, to be deposited in Newest Canadian Bank, where all deposits can grow or be eaten. The Garden Party First International Bean Bank. No charges for withdrawals. 

Canada Abolishes Property Taxes.

     Property Taxes are a Cow to Milk by the ever changing mobs elected into Canadian Government Offices. Every politician milks a little bit, some milk a lot. High property values are great for extra milk, to carry the ever growing number of civil servants and their pensions. Very inefficient. By the time all these people dip their bread in the milk, there are only a few drops left, that is why the Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders, tired of just getting the B.S., Is notifying Canadians that Henceforth All Property Taxes Are Abolished on Local Food Producing Land. 
     We will get to the rest later, just getting the foot in the barndoor, and like all politicians, trying to get out of paying taxes. Particularly taxes that are wasted and produce only aggravation.
     Composting Property Taxes should get a lot of tax collectors laid off. We still have shovels without hands on, get shovel ready, now. Planted the last of the potatoes today, some are up that were planted Three Weeks Ago. If planted now on the BC coast, even without any watering or collecting taxes, will yield a early, reasonable amount. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Money Replacement.

     The simplest form of organizing society needs no money, or alternative measure of exchange. Guaranteed Income for everybody and still have a form of money, keeps a lot of people wasting time and resources. Simple, work our way out of money, eliminate spending, decrease selling. Receive and Give. Make your Social Contribution, and when or if you need it, receive Social Assistance. Fix up your community, everybody needs to eat wholesome food, organize local food production. Find a way, the gardener knows how. No money required for food.
     If the dentist stopped charging, the food would be free, the plumber would be free, the carpenter, the baker, the candle stick maker, would all be free. The baker of course wants to provide fine bread for all, if help is required, the unemployed candle stick maker would naturally jump into the dough. Keep track to bake enough bread and count the cavities in your teeth, but never have to keep track of money again. 
     One step at a time, we are doing fine, keep moving foreword dropping and stopping old addicting habits like money, and believing a grain of sand can be owned by a creature. 
      Gardens still expanding, planted extra potatoes today. More money can go in the compost if you can get our priceless spuds. 
     BC FEEDS BC IN SIX YEARS! Start Digging.
    BC Rock Gardens.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

200,000 Jobs, Canada.

     Our New Minister For Even More Unemployment is not waiting for Federal Funding, The Minister is on the job with what is left of the Pension Check. The Garden Party wants food grown locally, across Canada. This can create jobs for 200,000 people growing food and taking better care of the land then we are right now. Small Farms with supportive neighbours, And get away from this ownership and money. This would give an opportunity like non other, for refugees to get connected from the ground up, they can call it home, and move when and if they want to. We are not building  prisons here. Those that prefer country over city, perfect. We start recovering Canada with our newly arrived family members. No Problem, want a peaceful world? Might take a little effort, we never expected it to be this easy. The hard part is motivation, some are waiting for Funding, money motivation. Garden Party Tour Starts in April and moves East  following Spring, if this does not go very far, we will come up with another way to reach for the evolving goal. 
     CANADA FEEDS CANADA IN SIX YEARS, open the borders let in the garden farmers. 200,000, people of the dirt stuck in Refugee Camps. And might as well get ready to take in USA relatives escaping over walls. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Busybody For President, USA.

     The Minister For More Unemployment of The Garden Party of Canada Without Borders is Officially entering the Presidential Race as a 'write in' candidate. Busybody promises to built walls around The White House, chambers of the Senate and Congress, and leave the inmate there until some other country will take them. Allow all Lobbyists in to see the Inmates and keep them there as good company, they have things in common with both Parties. 
     The Garden Party Busybody is now starting a turd party in United States and is looking in every state for Candidates to Announce  themselves and get other candidates to cover the whole state as write in Candidates. Gardeners Will Take Over The Government of United States. All Military will be converted to Emergency Response Teams around the world. 
     Swords into Plows, Tanks into Shovels. Allow an Open Market for Counterfeit Money, this will break up the monopoly control of Sky Money, and protect the small producers from laws that allow only the Big Scammer immunity of making money out of nothing, and topping it off with interest, and even getting bailouts. All legal, lobbyist made Laws, past into law by Coin Operated Politicians of the only two political parties in the USA. Time for a Turd.
     Vote Busybody for President, Self Government Garden Party, Trud Party in the USA, with the other Twoturds. No question, a lot of shovels will be required, but that is why Our Minister For More Unemployment would be an ideal President, the USA Government doing nothing will make the world a safer place.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Pickton Book Release.

     Sure is a lot of action to Silent Robert Pickton. Politicians, Police, Government Officials and the Fraud Elected Premier of BC are determined not to allow Pickton to say a word. Maybe the book is full of names of other people involved in what went on at the Pickton Farm. It is highly unlikely that he acted alone. The only words that came out of His mouth reported on TV that we saw, was when he was being put in a police car, " so I am going to be the fall guy?". 
     Besides all the 'rummers' we have heard before, and after, The Pickton Farm Bust and Trial, many people feel there has been a cover up. This is kind of was reinforced by all the team action jumping at the silencing of the Pickton Book release, stating they are concerned about re opening wounds, nice for that concern all of sudden, or did Pickton 'take the Fall for......and......and....'. Do we blindly trust our police and courts, probably less than our elected coin operated politicians. Lots of dirty little secrets in Canada that have yet to see the light of day. 

Pretend Dam Jobs, BC.

     Fraud Elected BC Government strategy to gain public support for Site C Dam by taking job applications and raising an army of supporters from pay check slaves, might get results. At the same time coming down hard on protesters, acting with full confidence that nothing is going to stop the Bennett combine. Exactly,  The Garden Party is Doing Nothing, for as long as it takes to put the BC Liberal Dictator Mob in the Compost. This is a General Strike, Give them shovels, and they can join the Ex Fraud Prime Minister Harper in his garden. 
      Exhausting work kicking out one government after another, but we got to do what we got to do. Dig in, this is the year you just might appreciate having a garden, as we dissolve the Canada Dollar.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mark of the beast.

     What else can you call it, Canadians cannot move. They appear to be chained to whatever they are doing, and stopping is not possible. They must continue out of fear things will get worse for themselves the moment they stop, so, they keep on feeding the beast, even when they know that it will ultimately devour them, but not right now. Sad state of affairs. Almost a hopeless state of affairs. Wired to the combine, thrashing and being thrashed.
      So breaking the chains, breaking free of the beast, while the majority continue to enforce them, requires improvisation, something long time Gardeners get good at accomplishing. Money is the Tool of the Beast. The less you need,  the more you starve the Beast. That is what the Garden Party is all about, the price of our pickles, canned tomatoes, dried fruit, beans and mushrooms has not gone up with the Falling Canadian Dollar, and it is still priceless. Part one, first revolutionary act, control of our food supply at a local level, and that control will be kept free from the Beast that would Devour The Planet For Money. 
     So regardless as to where you are chained on the Combine, growing a garden will lengthen the chain and drag the Combine to a halt. It has slowed down the last couple of years, keep up the good work, dig in, and Happy Buy Nothing Day.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

New Dept of Agriculture, Canada.

     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders broke a shovel on the Steps of Parliament last summer making Self Government in Canada official. Ottawa, Seat of The Elected Federal Government of Canada is a fraud that Practices The Golden Rule,  Those Who Have The Gold, Rule at Public Expense. 
     The Garden Party has the Dirty Rule, Those who have The Dirt, Eat at No Expense. So you might get rid of some gold for real value, dirt, and start some seeds. The Whole World is going into a Transition, no telling what is going to come down next or where, but when something falls in Canada it is felt in China, the fall will be softer if you are Grounded. 
     The Garden Party Minister of Agriculture has declared Canada a no go zone for all Monsanto Products, and gold is alway working its way down. 

Friday, February 19, 2016

7000Jobs In Agriculture.

    The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders has vacancies for Administers of hands on shovels. French or English not required, body language is required. Above first year university may be a handy cap, but can be overcome. Work from home, or work while looking for one, receive the top pay the first day, it will match whatever our Minister of Finance gets, at the moment, nothing. No work permits, or passports required. Pets may get eaten.
     Benefits; travel, free exercise and work outs, plenty of fresh air and sunshine, teaching opportunities, or unlearning if handy capped from too much schooling.
     Gardener with shovel going on the road to garden\farm, leaving Vancouver Island, April. Louis 1 604 928 3663. Still have grape vines and raspberry canes, potted to go.

Dirty Little Police Secrets.

     The Dirty Little Secrets of Prisons, Churches, Police, Judges, Government, Military, Charities, Schools, are coming out. Lots of folks are worried about their image should their dirty little secret go public. One after another are coming out in Canada, before the media has worn out one dirty secret, they have another dirty little secret to expose all that happened. All kinds of real nasty stuff has been going on in the recent past, to pretend it is not happening right now is living in a fairy tale. Dirty little secrets not yet exposed. The floodgates are opening, lots of laundry to be washed out and hung in the sun, blow your whistle, cry foul, stay clam, carry on. Nothing less than a complete readjustment to a evolving improvement of the quality of life and a sustainable environment. 
     There is a lot of dirt in the garden, dirty hands, clean work, Garden Party Dirty Little Secret.
     Just a reminder Feb 21st, World Do Nothing, Buy Nothing, Holiday! Fishing and Gardening Exempt.

Getting My Feet Back On The Ground.

     All the Kids that left the Farm for the tinsel and glitter of the city are now looking back at what they left behind. We expect thousands to be heading back this year to get their feet back on the ground, and change the agricultural face of Canada. 
      Working without the stress and noise of the city, clean air, fresh water, healthy food, and a healthy respect for natures diversity. This is a forward move, we have been through our monoculture, chemical, big machine, rape and pillage farming, and now we are going to change everything from coast to coast. Food on the shelves of corporate stores cannot be trusted, are wastefully packaged, poisoned, destroy the land used for production, and often of little nutritious value. This is the beginning of THE END OF CORPORATE TOXIC FOOD.
    We expect, once informed, old farmers who love their piece of dirt but will soon be buried in it, would like nothing better than to put that land in the hands of a younger generation for good stewardship.  REFUGEE GARDENERS WITH SHOVELS, will be coming out of the cities looking for dirt this Spring, accommodate.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Directing Your Energy.

     Where is your effort going?, what are you maintaining?, who are you enabling? Do you have a choice? Bombardier employees will be losing more jobs as airlines cut flights. With all the Gardeners that want to spend time in the garden instead of flying around polluting the sky for entertainment, and everybody aware that local food is better than fly in food, the airlines are a bad investment. So are all the corporations manufacturing and peddling weapons for war. 
     What part are you making? Or are you growing food to feed the bomb makers? Or paying taxes that subsidizes gas in the arms pushers tank. Are the Teacher Pension Funds invested in the Military Industry.? What else are they teaching? Everything one puts under the microscope is broken. Why make a list, under this monitory system, if you can find something that Is not broken, it soon will be. If you find something that is not corrupt, check again. Give power to any institution, it will soon abuse that power. Give people guns to defend themselves, those guns will soon be offensive.
      Take control of your output, direct it to correction, stay calm, carry on, start a Garden, World Feeds World IN SIX YEARS. 

Build Bridges, Not Walls.

     The Pope has spoken, Christians Build Bridges, and Do Not Build Borders. The Garden Party agrees 100%. From Now On, The Garden Party will Ignore All National Borders. To do otherwise would be Unchristian. 
     That means anyone in world that wants to come to Canada and go on gardening tour in Canada, Welcome, no papers or silly passports necessary, have a good look and get a understanding of Agriculture in Canada, work on the change that is necessary, and get dirty hands. 
    This Holistic Tour Package that has no bottom, will cost : what you need to support yourself. The rest is Free. How Exciting is that, not having a clue about what you will be doing. It is different outside the Box Tour, where all is possible.
     Back in the Box : Gardener With Shovel Looking For Dirt, Leaving Van. Island in April, going north in BC, then East to Manitoba. All Non Christians Welcome. Drive, or Push a Wheelbarrow.