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Friday, January 22, 2016

World Food Strategy, Canada.

    Gardeners Agree, to feed the world, grow more than personal needs. Somewhere, there will be shortages. As much as possible, people should be self reliant for their sustenance. They are in constant jeopardy of events beyond their control, that could cut off imports, anywhere, anytime.
     Here is the Plan. Develop your personal local food strategy. Expand your strategy, it is not enough that you can feed Yourself, the community needs to be able to feed healthy food to every person in the community and a little more, for where it is needed. And there is need right now. In a lot of communities in Canada we have malnutrition and hunger. 
     Imported monoculture grown foods lack the stuff if life, and who knows what chemicals have been added to Corporate Foods. Their bottom line is money now, and it should be health and sustainability. Certainly the destruction of biodiversity on the land is visible, even with bad eyesight. 
     So, The Strategy is: Return Diversity To The Land, while We Feed Ourselves.
     Dig In, the Garden Party is Shovel Ready, and will be digging its way east, starting in April.

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