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Saturday, January 23, 2016

World Credit Rating.

     Self Appointed Spin Doctors for The World Garden Party are issuing Their own World Credit Ratings. Every Country is in debt, bankrupt, money systems of debt being an asset, is like saying a hole is an upside down mountain, the more we go down the higher we get, the more we dig to get out, the deeper we go, until we bury Ourselfs. Money and Debt are headed for the Garden Party Compost, we are used by money and being forced with a constructed system carved in stone that will fall or wipe out life on this planet. The Garden Party is making every effort to operate without any money transactions. Money for food, seeds, tools, and land, is decreasing at a steady pace. We are driving less, flying less, buying less, and digging in for the long term. We have lots of excess, Grape vines and raspberry canes, garden tools and seed potatoes, bean and pea seed, all Priceless for New World Gardeners. Thumbs Up Credit Ratings, and, Pass it on Financing. Available from Occupation Apple Tree Garden Nursery, 5090 West Sannich Rd, Victoria, BC, 604 928 3663.

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