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Monday, January 18, 2016

We Do Not Use Money.

    Money Uses Us, not the other way round.  Money is constantly demanded and supply cannot be relied on, no matter how much the numbers are juggled, no matter how many numbers you believe you have in your purse, no matter how many pension checks you are collecting today, nothing relating to money can be relied on to still be there tomorrow.  So, while we are still getting used by money, but have money, or a incoming supply, we are using that money to establish the infrastructure to get free of its use completely. Progress has been slow and steady but Inspiration and confidence is building. With cooperation, trust and competence The Garden Party is getting Free From Money doing the dictating, with the hope that we will accomplish composting money before money composts the planet.  
     We do not hold title to the land on which we have our expanding nursery in Sannich BC, but are also restricted by ridiculous zoning laws made by those who feed on greed (people held in bondage by money not unlike the 62 poor people who apparently own half of the money of the world). We are under constant threat of eviction by development (money), but would like to keep the gardens going. There is still limited room for expansion here, our Gardens have doubled in size yearly but the land is unaffordable for us to purchase. We are considering several properties around BC right now and will soon be moving across the Canadian Prairies digging East this year. Optimism ebbs and flows like the tides, but the goal is kept in view. 
  Supplies are being gathered.
    New Ground.

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