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Friday, January 8, 2016

The Problem, The Solution.

     Money is the God running this World, number one problem. Number two problem: Money, the God of this World, makes the rules on what is running this World, Money. Money is today's Culture. It has become today's Curse. Why did western nations chop up the Middle East? Oil? Money. What is the Mess about in the Ukraine? Corruption? Money. The Drug Wars in Mexico? Money.  Weapon Industry? Canadian Pension Funds, Money. Food Banks? Volunteers. Soup Kitchens? Volunteers, and not enough money to solve the main cause of Soup Kitchens, Money.
     There is no point in fixing money, it is heading for the History Bin. No replacements or bit coins required. No accountants required, lay off the logging, sales slips, advertising fliers, and cash registers, will follow money into history. 
     So get together with your co workers, look at your community picture, look at your community in the world community picture. Re creation. Fix it to operate without Money. It is a rather simple process, stop buying, for starters, reduce buying, and consuming, pick a reduction amount for now, 5 10 20%. Set a time goal say 20% less Flying, Driving, toilet paper, everything, now or the end of the year. One step on a solid foundation leads to another, we can all get into action and by the end of 2016 perhaps Canada will be consuming 20% less and doing 20% more. Dream in corrective action.

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