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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Powers of No.

     The fraud elected Government of BC is confused about what a democracy is supposed to mean, but they are learning the meaning of the word 'No'. The action of government in a democracy is serving the desires of the people. We know this is not the case in Western Democracies. Money has near completely taken over the steering wheel in BC with the provincial Liberal Party Dictatorship, but, with The Garden Party Self Government of BC undermining successfully (due to our experience working underground) every attempt to rip and tear the provincial resources out for cash, the Fraud Duck Tape Liberal Party of Clark and Bennett, are stuck in the money muck that is now turning to Quick Sand. They are compost.
     No to Monsanto, No to Flying Gladiators, No to Press Board, No to LNG, No to Pipelines, No to Site C Dam, No to Dictators(garden party exempt), No to Fixed Elections, No to Salmon Fish Farms. 
     May the Force of No Be With You. 

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