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Monday, January 18, 2016

Suggestion to Liberal Party.

   Instead of investing in big ten lane car bridges to rush people in and out of cities to their stupid jobs and entertainment, why not invest it community food production and get the car off the road. Put your big spending getting the important things done, like local sustainable organic food supply so every kid can grow up healthy and hopefully smarter.
     Lots of jobs, every new Immigrant would at least have something to do and meet a community, as well as thousands of young Canadians that would like to try their hand at Gardening. Garden Farming is the future. Local Community Gardeners Spend most of theirs funds near home, a little can go a long way, they might even volunteer, it would be an honer for any good Gardener to help out, and how about some real learning and connection to dirt in all schools. If This Elected Government was as Smart as The Unelected Government of Canada, we could get this done faster, it would cost no more than providing support for those that need help, and involve the whole community. The whole community should meet at least once  with their distant Cousins and New Community Members. They can take from there and the Liberal Party can go back to their Peace out of the barrel of a gun Talks.


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