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Friday, January 8, 2016

Self Gov Dept.of Oceans.

     Protecting Every Inch of Coast. That is the job of every person when they are on any coast regardless of their gender, age, occupation, color, religion, culture, nationality, or bank account. The incompetent, divided government departments provincial and federal in Canada have failed to maintain a healthy ocean. It's a mess, and in trouble big time. Rivers of garbage, cosmetics, drug store snake cures, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, fertilizers, preservatives and eighty thousand chemicals flow into our oceans, this has to be stopped now. The oceans will return to health, but need a break, a ten year break. 
     Demand clean rivers, stop the acid rain, halt plastic garbage production, and, if possible cut ocean food out of your diet. Eating Farmed Salmon from the West Coast of N America is dumb. It is Corporate Fish toxic to its environment and consumers. Shut down the clear cut logging causing rapid run off and warming water temperatures, and stop BC Site C Dam from going forward, it is a mega project to feed the greed and make a few politicians richer. This project alone calls for a General Strike by all Plumbers. We cannot keep doing what got us into this mess, bigger and more, and think the mess will go away. Changes are coming, and like for Syrian Refugees, things can be rough, better grow a organic garden.
      If any Canadian Refugees living in Tents, or New Refugees To Canada have access to land and need help to get a garden started, The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders Emergency Response Number is 604 928 FOOD. Make It Happen, Love the Ocean. Every bit makes the big picture, apply your art, it is re-creation time.

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