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Monday, January 25, 2016

Sanctions are Working.

     The Garden Party's WORLD BUY NOTHING FROM ARMS DEALERS is now having it's impact on Russia. Canada is losing jobs like maple leaves in the fall. Air Lines are going broke, USA is in big trouble, only good can come out of it, China, to big to fall has already reached the top of it's pendulum, France is a mess, all arms pushers, and all in trouble. As a first action to correction is stop selling arms. Sanction All Countries that Sell Weapons, including your own country until we stop the selling of arms. More unemployment coming. 
     The Garden Party's Minister For More Unemployment had a great year in 2015. All kinds of projects got shut down before they got started, thanks to our active underground work. The Minister is Glad to Announce that the 2016 projection is a whole lot more paycheck jobs will be in the compost like they never happened. There will be a large back to the land workforce that will soon be getting hands it the soil, and feeling good at last! 2016 another great slow down and grow a garden year.

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