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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pro's and Con's, IKEA.

     #1: Press board is Toxic to water, air and ground, and is a major component of IKEA's wood products. 
    #2: The jobs created in manufacturing are boring and toxic assemble lines, a simple three part chair in a box had parts made on three different continents, shipped to a packaging location, re shipped to distribution stores.  Cheap labour, is where parts are made. IKEA sells furniture, but they do not make furniture, they make parts, furniture making skills are not required, or taught. 
     #3: Little lasting value, most of their products are in the dump or scrap heap within 10 years, 
     #4: Mass production, does not necessarily mean a lighter foot print or energy saving. One, well made piece of furniture can last a life time, several life times. How many junk IKEA junk chairs are made to last as long as a quality wooden chair? 10 or 20? Apply this test to all their products, the result is the same.
     #5: Toxic chemicals are released out of their products into the air for years. If you burn press board you poison the air, rot it in the ground you release toxins in the ground and ground water. Preservatives, water repellents and toxic glues, equal sick environment and sick people, all done to make sick money.
     Start a garden and plant a furniture making tree. We have one walnut tree ready to go, get walnuts for a spin off benefit.
    Fresh edible dandelion flower.

    Composted Beliefs.

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