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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Piccadilly Mine Can Reopen.

     The Workers of the shut down potash mine can go back to work at their own expense. Stock pile the potash. The rest of the country can plant raspberries this year and get free potash from Piccadilly Mine sent by Canadian Postless Pass It On Mail in Canada, or around the world. Only for good purpose, like growing food for those that need healthy food.
     Now if the employees need an income of cash, what for we ask? Rent ? Mortgage? Who is collecting? The simple  thing to do is make every thing free for all mine workers. They have their jobs back, they provide a community valued public service, in return the community provides them an equal piece of raspberry cake. We recommend a second job for workers start a garden this year, we have lots of priceless Raspberry Canes that will produce Berries this year.
     Summer Fruit.
    Snow Drops.

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