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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Infrastructure Renewal

     Coast to Coast Gardens. The Garden Party , Self Government of Canada Without Boarders is looking for 10 Motor Homes for Homeless Travelling Gardeners. There are thousands of unused parked motor homes, so why not give them to the Refugees. They can be parked at community halls and churches. Use the halls to meet the community, and make plans from there. Dig up the place and plant Gardens. 
     Ignore Zoning Laws that restrict living in motor homes, they were likely inspired by the Real Estate Board and the Chamber of Commerce, to feed greed. Laws that do not serve the best interests of the people, or were created to serve Money and Greed, send directly to the compost and plant a garden.
    WW2 Recruits.
    Onions for planting.
    Junk Storage Can.
    WW2 Recruits.

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