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Monday, January 11, 2016

Going On Strike, Prisons.

      Good News, prison guards are going on strike. High time for a reassessment of Canada's lock up for punishment prison system. Jails were conceived as a deterrent for crime, but, in the majority of cases, because of incarcerating and treatment, for nearly all inmates, a dislike of guards becomes quickly a dislike of all Society. Inmates hold Society responsible  for their treatment by police, courts, guards and the prison system. The prisoners lose respect for all 'free members' of Society and when released care not who they take advantage of, in a sence, society has become the enemy, us and them. 
     What can and does change reoffence percentages is treatment, rehab, skills, caring, and Garden Farming. That should be our goal, reoffence runs about 80% for most prison systems, whereas if Gardening is included, reoffence drops to 20% return of inmates, and that 20% just come back because they have nowhere else to garden.
     The Garden Party, Is now offering to start Gardens at every prison and is willing to go to jail to start a garden. End the failed method of incarceration and dehumanizations that perpetuates crime, making a growing Criminal Industry of Police, Lawyers, Judges, and Jailers. Time for Prison Break Victory Gardens, and dramatically reduced incarceration.
     We directly and Pubically offer our Priceless Garden Service to every prison from the Pacific West to the Atlantic East. It is just one Mega Project that the Garden Party of Canada Without Borders is doing to Stimulate the Crash of the Sham Money Economy.  Savings are expected of at least ten billion hours a year in perpetuity. There is no need for delay, it is a lose, win win all the way, start your discussion and action today. 
     Prisoners Feeds Prisoners In Six Years. The New World Order.

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