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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Final Daze Over.

     Many More People Can See Clearly Now. They can separate the real value and real cost from money value and money Cost. Money of course has no more value than belief, and in real terms it is nothing but real cost, socially and environmentally. Money is a liability, not the value of one pea seed. Pea seed will grow for real. The Daze is over, time now is Transition Time, From Money to Personal  Accountability. Responsibility for Family, Community, World, WITHOUT LIABILITY MONEY. 
     All the stock markets(100% Waste), Insurance Companies(100% Waste), and Lottery Corporations(150% Waste), disappear, vanish, gone when Money goes historical. Nice. There is a positive side, Accountability is becoming the new currency, try to buy your way out of that one. 
     Look to what the needs of your community are, everyone eats, can your community feed itself if shit hits the fan? Start with the Gardens. If you are to continue schools, Gardeners should be there from Kinder Garden to University. Dig around, if there isn't any fertile soil to plant seeds, start with teaching how to make dirt, it take a few years to get nuts out of the trees, just like it may take a few years to get the nuts out of Stock Markets and Insurance Towers, but just keep shaking the trees until the nuts are grounded, and everyone will be a winner.
    Planting Potatoes In Pots In Jan.
   Excess Soil made here, all recycled pots.
   Raspberries To Go.

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  1. I want a face up to the way it is. 13 mayors who deceive the public with false government. I want it over. And I do agree with what you are doing. You are a help.