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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Economic Growth is Cancer.

      Cancer is a killer, and Money Growth is a Cancer that will kill the Human Race. Cure; Get Rid of Money. How much is that going to cost?  Nothing!
     Problem of Two Much Money Solved, from the Dirt it came, to the Dirt it shall soon return. The new economy, the next cancer, is spreading at a unbelievable backbreaking pace, people want to win the race so life can continue on this planet peacefully etc etc. This is not the first lie we told before it happened.
     If you have not connected to our 'new economy', it is far easier to participate in than explain. Non of us charge each other for anything, how easy can you get, as connections grow, money becomes useless as a measure of human value, and we participate economically, to enable others to get free of money. 
     You may have noticed the Canada Dollar is going all the way down. The Money Cancer is Finished,  Tar Sands are Finished, Toxic Press Board is Finished, Stock Markets, Banks, Balloons will be busting in 2016. Peas will continue to grow.

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