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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dead Cat Bounce.

      The Title refers to a stock market downturn that goes up a bit then continues on its way down. The Dead Cat was on its final way down in 2008. Pumping funny money written out of the sky trying to stop the dead cat from continuing its fall have failed. Just a bounce, We expect the Nervous Numerologists will do their best to revive people's faith in fiction to keep the biggest world scam going. A set up where those who produce nothing of Value get the most, and those who produce most Value get a dead cat. 
     The stock markets are really nothing more than gambling establishments, of no real value. It is unlikely that they will last another five years. Things are changing so fast, Stock Markets could be in the history books by then (if any are written), remembered as a mistake not to be repeated. Let the dead cat bounce all the way to the ground, and bury it in History. 
     Jan 21st, Global Holiday: World Drive Nothing, Buy Nothing, Do Nothing Day. Gardening Exempt.

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