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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Canada Eats Dandelions.

     On the West Coast of B.C. Canada, Dandelions can be dug up easily wherever the ground is unfrozen. The roots can be eaten cooked or can be put in a pot with a little dam soil and kept warm in a house. Leaves will start growing immediately, even without sunlight. Food value in Vitamins and Mineral exceeds food value of any imported greens, and is common in all our gardens. Self seeding, needs no attention. All it parts can be eaten, raw or cooked, including the flowers, any time of the year. The cost is always the same, unaffected by the price of a vitamin and mineral dead monoculture cauliflower, a barrel of oil, or the Canadian Loony. Fresh steamed dandelions, a little salt and butter, in January, soooo good! Roasted roots, done just right, ground like coffee, is also priceless, delicious, and without caffeine. 
     Dandelion without flowers.
     Chickweed, good for salads and soups. Can also be used for healing skin burns.
    Red chard, stays alive all winter in our outside nursery, also will seed itself.

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