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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Canada's Disaster, Farmland.

     Dessert in the making from the Rocky Mt. foothills of Alberta to Stead Manitoba near the Rocky Shield and south to where US Presidential Candidate Trump wants to build a wall to prevent Americans escaping south to Mexico. 
     Monoculture, No Eco Diversity, loss of Top Soil , Ground water polluted and aquifers dropping, over grazing, rapid runoff and evaporation is a recipe for a dessert and it is in developing stage. Small Farms per acre produce more and with good growing practices can be sustainable, and Organic Garden Farming, living and working with our life sustaining natural environment, is even better. It is true that per working hour in most cases large monoculture farms win out for weight production per hour of work, but at what real cost? Poison Food and Contaminated Ground Water, Soil abuse, little diversity which is part of a healthy soil needed to produce nutritious food and sustain a healthy population, dead planet, that is the real cost.  Plane and simple, we know better and we can do better. What the world is being pushed and forced into with monoculture corporate farms is feeding greed, starving people, and expanding unsustainable crowed toxic cities. Greed is unsustainable, and has been difficult to eradicate, but that is what we must do. 
     Where are the Caretakers of The Land. Time to hang up the guns pick up the shovels everywhere and turn toxic Corporate Land Destroying Farms into Life Sustaining Gardens.  Lots of room for Refugees, so we will attempt to expand our Garden Party Garden Nurseries From Saanich BC to Stead Manitoba in 2016. Just another Mega Project funded by The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders, where unemployment does not exist and Greed and Money is in the Compost. The Emergency Response Team is Preparing to head East this Spring to open up farm land across the prairies for the Caretakers anxious to Dig In 2016.

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