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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Business As Usual? No More.

    What Feeds Your Greed? As more well paid jobs go on the chopping block (Potash Workers), the local money supply goes down. Even if laid off Potash Employees get another job, it will likely be for a lower pay. This Window into Big Business in Canada shows what is going on throughout the World. Profits and jobs are shifted.  Wages decrease, Workers Unions get composted, Inflation erodes savings and pensions that don't disappear by contrived bankruptcy. It is business as usual but not for long. World Debt Money is unravelling. 
     All the world's money means absolutely nothing, the whole thing is fiction, it is just a black hole. When we have enough potash dug up, stop mining, do something else, grow a garden. If we need more potash, dig up some more. A give and receive economy. Practice true economy, waste not want not, a stitch in time saves nine. Work together or fight over peanuts and black holes.
     Collapse Capitalism, Collapse Stock Markets, Jan 21st, World Holiday, Buy Nothing Day. 

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