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Monday, January 4, 2016

Brave New World, 2016.

     Coming out of the ashes of Capitalist Muck of anything for a Buck, a transformation is taking place in Canada. There is a quickly growing number of people doing unpaid work. Not just volunteers for charities, but work and exchange of goods and services are taking place that is completely outside of regular commerce. Thousands of the so called unemployed are working part and full time for free, to help someone, to eat, or get a place to live. Many have no money and little in material stuff, yet feel their situation is better than the stress of being a paycheck slave with ten tons of junk they will never use. The Capitalists Corporations are already importing migrant workers into Canada, because many Canadians enjoy working harder for free than being ordered to work for peanuts. With the Canadian Dollar projected, by the Minister of Finance of The Garden Party, to go down to 39 cents American this year, and the American Dollar expected to sink on the World Market, there will be migrants soon coming to Canada as tourists, not workers. 
     The Self Government of Canada Without Borders is ready to put any tourists to work now, of course they will have to cover their own maintenance costs, but the Minister Of Tourist Exploitation can provide most of what tourists will need, tents, shovels, seeds etc. We expect bookings to increase steadily from Russia, China with a large influx from the US and Iran. The shovels are waiting. Welcome To Canada, land of the Brave, Freely living in tents all winter. 

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