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Saturday, January 30, 2016

85% Canadians Get 'Hard Time'.

     Every nail dropped, every board wasted, every package or beer can chucked, organic sticker, plastic garbage bag, throw away paper plate, lottery ticket, used energy in production, distribution, and disposal whether recycled or not. Every action created pollution, added toxic chemicals to our environment and consumed Energy.  Waste is Criminal, Canadians are all participating in Organized Crime. Our Elected Governments are participating in Organized Crime. Our Advertising Media that Push the Public into Buying is participating in Organized Crime. Legal yes it is, but far greater harm done than the Illegal Organized Criminals who get locked up for their crimes. 
     The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders is enacting it's Tough on Crime Bill C 22, and charging All Canadians Participating in both legal and illegal Organized Crime to Hard Time Until They Have Been Fully Rehabilitated.
     Since Canada lacks enough prisons to hold all the Canadian Criminals, we will be sending them to Alberta, Sask. and Manitoba to do their Hard Time with shovels to convert corporate monoculture farms to small organic Garden Farms, using only hand tools.  Waste Not Want Not. Commit The Crime, Do Time. 

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