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Sunday, January 3, 2016

2016, Year of Collapses.

     What is going down? Sugar, Coffee, Gas, Junk Merchandise and Fast Foods, Donald Trump, Land Speculators, Air Line Industries, Gladiators Games, Lottery Garbage and Gambling, Tobacco and Alcohol Sales, Monsanto and other poison product manufacturers, Beef and Chicken Consumption, Military Weapons of Mass Destruction Production, Coal, Gold, and Diamond Mines. 
     That should leave a few extra people free to do a little Gardening in 2016. After all, the best guarantee that you will have something to eat regardless of man made or natural disaster, is your own garden. 
     What will be going Up besides Gardening. Air Quality will improve a bit for 2016, Silence will increase, Talk will be Hot or Cold with lukewarm out the window, Empathy will be vastly activating actions where Angels Fear To Thread(already happening), Taxes always go up to pay for promises made by the newly elected fraud mob, democratic in name only, by the end of 2016 even the Church Mice will understand that Money Has Been God for quite some time, and it is time to throw the collection basket in the compost and Start Victory Gardens to feed the local Refugees, because we actually Care about All People, Food Bank Growth will be steady(a good investment with long term benefits if garden projects are tied in with members using food banks), just maintaining results of a failed system is not just dumb, it is collaboration with a crime against sanity. 
     Recommended Financial Advice Free For All Big and Little Investors From The Garden Party Minister of Finance for 2016 is : Sell Everything You Own, and Spend Everything You Get, and Grow a Garden. One Pea seed alone can grow into a two thousand in two years, and, an extra bonus, unlike Money, peas can be eaten, now there is added value!

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