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Saturday, January 30, 2016

85% Canadians Get 'Hard Time'.

     Every nail dropped, every board wasted, every package or beer can chucked, organic sticker, plastic garbage bag, throw away paper plate, lottery ticket, used energy in production, distribution, and disposal whether recycled or not. Every action created pollution, added toxic chemicals to our environment and consumed Energy.  Waste is Criminal, Canadians are all participating in Organized Crime. Our Elected Governments are participating in Organized Crime. Our Advertising Media that Push the Public into Buying is participating in Organized Crime. Legal yes it is, but far greater harm done than the Illegal Organized Criminals who get locked up for their crimes. 
     The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders is enacting it's Tough on Crime Bill C 22, and charging All Canadians Participating in both legal and illegal Organized Crime to Hard Time Until They Have Been Fully Rehabilitated.
     Since Canada lacks enough prisons to hold all the Canadian Criminals, we will be sending them to Alberta, Sask. and Manitoba to do their Hard Time with shovels to convert corporate monoculture farms to small organic Garden Farms, using only hand tools.  Waste Not Want Not. Commit The Crime, Do Time. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Piccadilly Mine Can Reopen.

     The Workers of the shut down potash mine can go back to work at their own expense. Stock pile the potash. The rest of the country can plant raspberries this year and get free potash from Piccadilly Mine sent by Canadian Postless Pass It On Mail in Canada, or around the world. Only for good purpose, like growing food for those that need healthy food.
     Now if the employees need an income of cash, what for we ask? Rent ? Mortgage? Who is collecting? The simple  thing to do is make every thing free for all mine workers. They have their jobs back, they provide a community valued public service, in return the community provides them an equal piece of raspberry cake. We recommend a second job for workers start a garden this year, we have lots of priceless Raspberry Canes that will produce Berries this year.
     Summer Fruit.
    Snow Drops.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Powers of No.

     The fraud elected Government of BC is confused about what a democracy is supposed to mean, but they are learning the meaning of the word 'No'. The action of government in a democracy is serving the desires of the people. We know this is not the case in Western Democracies. Money has near completely taken over the steering wheel in BC with the provincial Liberal Party Dictatorship, but, with The Garden Party Self Government of BC undermining successfully (due to our experience working underground) every attempt to rip and tear the provincial resources out for cash, the Fraud Duck Tape Liberal Party of Clark and Bennett, are stuck in the money muck that is now turning to Quick Sand. They are compost.
     No to Monsanto, No to Flying Gladiators, No to Press Board, No to LNG, No to Pipelines, No to Site C Dam, No to Dictators(garden party exempt), No to Fixed Elections, No to Salmon Fish Farms. 
     May the Force of No Be With You. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Sanctions are Working.

     The Garden Party's WORLD BUY NOTHING FROM ARMS DEALERS is now having it's impact on Russia. Canada is losing jobs like maple leaves in the fall. Air Lines are going broke, USA is in big trouble, only good can come out of it, China, to big to fall has already reached the top of it's pendulum, France is a mess, all arms pushers, and all in trouble. As a first action to correction is stop selling arms. Sanction All Countries that Sell Weapons, including your own country until we stop the selling of arms. More unemployment coming. 
     The Garden Party's Minister For More Unemployment had a great year in 2015. All kinds of projects got shut down before they got started, thanks to our active underground work. The Minister is Glad to Announce that the 2016 projection is a whole lot more paycheck jobs will be in the compost like they never happened. There will be a large back to the land workforce that will soon be getting hands it the soil, and feeling good at last! 2016 another great slow down and grow a garden year.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

World Flying Strategy.

     Jet Flying; fast, safe, convenient, high energy consumer, noisy, heavy upper atmosphere polluters. Some Heavy users: Football Gladiators, Hockey Baseball, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, all now Corporate Sponsored Games to distract and entertain while peddling their products. Big Sports, is All Busness,  Players no longer play, they work hard, and suffer plenty. 
     The Garden Party Self Government of Canada considers the Elected Federal Government illegal until the court decision whither or not the election of 2015 was played on a level playing field. The field may have been level at one time, but The Garden Party was given a Rock Pile as a Playing Field. 
     We have overcome. By Declaration of The Self Government of Canada, that is now formulating it's own Federal Government of Canada. By The People, that is directly participatory in deciding what  government does and does not do. The Garden Party loves sports, but not enought to built airports and fly jets to have money modified canned sports for entertainment. We have better things to do, like activating more community sports and gardens for all ages, and having some fun.
     The Garden Party has placed full boycott on all Flying for the purpose of Gladiator Games. As Self Government of Canada we request that the Self Governing Air Port Autorities (pretenders) enter all flying Gladiators names on the No Fly List. Just kidding, we did not have a 'no fly list' in Canada. We have now.
     Investors beware, Air Industry on the way down, Hazal Nut price going out of reach, Monster Farm Machines will be idle, travel will be slower, and more fun. How about a Vacation on a abandoned  Monoculture farm? For entertainment bring instruments of your art, like shovels, baseball bats, fiddles and rakes, an ongoing Garden Fest. Have one on your street, or in Stomville, why wait for Spring, you know it is coming, we know money is going, make the changes.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

World Credit Rating.

     Self Appointed Spin Doctors for The World Garden Party are issuing Their own World Credit Ratings. Every Country is in debt, bankrupt, money systems of debt being an asset, is like saying a hole is an upside down mountain, the more we go down the higher we get, the more we dig to get out, the deeper we go, until we bury Ourselfs. Money and Debt are headed for the Garden Party Compost, we are used by money and being forced with a constructed system carved in stone that will fall or wipe out life on this planet. The Garden Party is making every effort to operate without any money transactions. Money for food, seeds, tools, and land, is decreasing at a steady pace. We are driving less, flying less, buying less, and digging in for the long term. We have lots of excess, Grape vines and raspberry canes, garden tools and seed potatoes, bean and pea seed, all Priceless for New World Gardeners. Thumbs Up Credit Ratings, and, Pass it on Financing. Available from Occupation Apple Tree Garden Nursery, 5090 West Sannich Rd, Victoria, BC, 604 928 3663.

Friday, January 22, 2016

We Just Have To Do It Ourselfs.

     That is what we did before the evolution of bureaucracy. If we wait for movement from present day Governments, we will end up with half a job at five times the cost. What ever needs doing, just start the process and move forward with those in agreement, in a sense, Participatory Self Government, The New World Disorder and future World Government Beyond Money.  
     The World is entering a revolution or evolution age of new forms of Government in which people are directly involved in making of Government. Voting with their visible actions instead of money manipulated secret ballots.
     Good place to start, Grow a Garden, feed the need, abandon the greed. The New World Evolving Order is taking root.

World Food Strategy, Canada.

    Gardeners Agree, to feed the world, grow more than personal needs. Somewhere, there will be shortages. As much as possible, people should be self reliant for their sustenance. They are in constant jeopardy of events beyond their control, that could cut off imports, anywhere, anytime.
     Here is the Plan. Develop your personal local food strategy. Expand your strategy, it is not enough that you can feed Yourself, the community needs to be able to feed healthy food to every person in the community and a little more, for where it is needed. And there is need right now. In a lot of communities in Canada we have malnutrition and hunger. 
     Imported monoculture grown foods lack the stuff if life, and who knows what chemicals have been added to Corporate Foods. Their bottom line is money now, and it should be health and sustainability. Certainly the destruction of biodiversity on the land is visible, even with bad eyesight. 
     So, The Strategy is: Return Diversity To The Land, while We Feed Ourselves.
     Dig In, the Garden Party is Shovel Ready, and will be digging its way east, starting in April.

National Pharmaceutical Strategy.

     The food coming out of our gardens are so healthy we don't need a pharmaceutical strategy, we need a National healthy food strategy. Food is as alive as the soil it is grown in. Diversity is a sign of a healthy soil. Our Gardens are full of life, slugs and wood bugs kept under control by snakes and lizards, frogs and birds taking care of insects and of a large variety of pollinators. The dirt is alive, the plants are alive, the air is full of life. That is what makes healthy food that makes healthy people. Bring dirt to life, 2016 IS THE YEAR OF THE GARDEN, to be followed by Drug Stores in the Compost.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

75 Million Stop Driving Today.

   Jan 21, World Drive Nothing, Buy Nothing, Do Nothing Day (gardening exempt), a regular holiday, is being observed in the USA today, with a little help from the weather. This Holiday may extend for a week, even Global Warming Deniers are participating, however it is unlikely their digging will be in the Garden.  

Pro's and Con's, IKEA.

     #1: Press board is Toxic to water, air and ground, and is a major component of IKEA's wood products. 
    #2: The jobs created in manufacturing are boring and toxic assemble lines, a simple three part chair in a box had parts made on three different continents, shipped to a packaging location, re shipped to distribution stores.  Cheap labour, is where parts are made. IKEA sells furniture, but they do not make furniture, they make parts, furniture making skills are not required, or taught. 
     #3: Little lasting value, most of their products are in the dump or scrap heap within 10 years, 
     #4: Mass production, does not necessarily mean a lighter foot print or energy saving. One, well made piece of furniture can last a life time, several life times. How many junk IKEA junk chairs are made to last as long as a quality wooden chair? 10 or 20? Apply this test to all their products, the result is the same.
     #5: Toxic chemicals are released out of their products into the air for years. If you burn press board you poison the air, rot it in the ground you release toxins in the ground and ground water. Preservatives, water repellents and toxic glues, equal sick environment and sick people, all done to make sick money.
     Start a garden and plant a furniture making tree. We have one walnut tree ready to go, get walnuts for a spin off benefit.
    Fresh edible dandelion flower.

    Composted Beliefs.

Best Investment For 2016.

     Compost. Guaranteed to increase in value for the unforeseeable future. Gold and Silver are not worth their weight in dirt. Big Drop in value expected on the Stock Market, and like oil prices, Gold has lost its glitter, needs constant security, is not edible, too heavy to lug around and can give people a fever. Hardly worth bending over for, but, if you get the fever you could stay bent for a life time. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dead Cat Bounce.

      The Title refers to a stock market downturn that goes up a bit then continues on its way down. The Dead Cat was on its final way down in 2008. Pumping funny money written out of the sky trying to stop the dead cat from continuing its fall have failed. Just a bounce, We expect the Nervous Numerologists will do their best to revive people's faith in fiction to keep the biggest world scam going. A set up where those who produce nothing of Value get the most, and those who produce most Value get a dead cat. 
     The stock markets are really nothing more than gambling establishments, of no real value. It is unlikely that they will last another five years. Things are changing so fast, Stock Markets could be in the history books by then (if any are written), remembered as a mistake not to be repeated. Let the dead cat bounce all the way to the ground, and bury it in History. 
     Jan 21st, Global Holiday: World Drive Nothing, Buy Nothing, Do Nothing Day. Gardening Exempt.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Business As Usual? No More.

    What Feeds Your Greed? As more well paid jobs go on the chopping block (Potash Workers), the local money supply goes down. Even if laid off Potash Employees get another job, it will likely be for a lower pay. This Window into Big Business in Canada shows what is going on throughout the World. Profits and jobs are shifted.  Wages decrease, Workers Unions get composted, Inflation erodes savings and pensions that don't disappear by contrived bankruptcy. It is business as usual but not for long. World Debt Money is unravelling. 
     All the world's money means absolutely nothing, the whole thing is fiction, it is just a black hole. When we have enough potash dug up, stop mining, do something else, grow a garden. If we need more potash, dig up some more. A give and receive economy. Practice true economy, waste not want not, a stitch in time saves nine. Work together or fight over peanuts and black holes.
     Collapse Capitalism, Collapse Stock Markets, Jan 21st, World Holiday, Buy Nothing Day. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Heavy Hand on Protesters.

     Kinder Morgan, a world onto itself, well paid employees dedicated to serving their master. Looks like they run a pretty tight ship, but it also looks like they tried to sneak in a pipe line for Alberta's dirty oil, hoping they would not be noticed too much. The pipeline is for Ocean Going Tankers. Kinder Morgan is moving forward quickly and quite confidently. No doubt they are happy with the Fraud Elected Provincial Government that said they would make everyone in BC Rich.
      Word is that four protesters messing with Kinder Morgans Under Water Marine Studies For Piping Oil to Tankers, will be dealt will by a heavier than usual hand of the Law. Criminal Charges. It appears the Law was told by their employers (the elected government), to get tough on protesters, scare any others that might join in the protest. 
     Of Course, Kinder Morgan wants the Public Purse to pay all the costs for Emergency Oil Spill Equipment for the BC Coast. What does not make money, pass those costs to the public, what does make money, those profits go to Kinder Morgan. Yes the public does subsidize Most of the resource extractors in BC. Far More than most people realize. 
      The Garden Party of BC Without Borders has come up with a way to avoid the costs that will be made by Kinder Morgan for the Public. Don't allow any Oil Tankers in BC. No Problem, no costs, no tanker spills, and the dirty oil can be reserved in the ground for future generations. Besides, the spin off benefits will be more workers in clean dirt growing Gardens, eating clams and having a Rich Life. 

Suggestion to Liberal Party.

   Instead of investing in big ten lane car bridges to rush people in and out of cities to their stupid jobs and entertainment, why not invest it community food production and get the car off the road. Put your big spending getting the important things done, like local sustainable organic food supply so every kid can grow up healthy and hopefully smarter.
     Lots of jobs, every new Immigrant would at least have something to do and meet a community, as well as thousands of young Canadians that would like to try their hand at Gardening. Garden Farming is the future. Local Community Gardeners Spend most of theirs funds near home, a little can go a long way, they might even volunteer, it would be an honer for any good Gardener to help out, and how about some real learning and connection to dirt in all schools. If This Elected Government was as Smart as The Unelected Government of Canada, we could get this done faster, it would cost no more than providing support for those that need help, and involve the whole community. The whole community should meet at least once  with their distant Cousins and New Community Members. They can take from there and the Liberal Party can go back to their Peace out of the barrel of a gun Talks.


According to the Liberal Party,

     It appears that the Elected Liberal Government thinks it is all right to sell arms to the Saudis, and we will fix everything here at home from the profits of war machines. Enable wars of destruction and killing because we will need money to work on a World Peace Plan. And then we will get a agreement from all nations to stop all sales of weapons. A never ending drag out, when we can SHUT DOWN ALL ARMS PRODUCTION NOW!
     The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders calls for full sanctions on the whole Military Industry, and all manufactures and employees that provide the industry a screw. Don't fix their roof, or give them a hair cut until they Quit. After all, we live in a democracy, the people of Canada do not want weapons sold to Saudi Arab, and those who lose their jobs and want to work, just call up the Garden Party, the Unelected Government of Canada, we have lots of work to do, bring your shovel. At Your Service, now that is REAL CHANGE.