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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Xmas Coal Sales Up, BC, Canada.

     Yes our local petty dictators can take responsibility for BC increasing sales of Coal in BC. Coal is what Non Ordinary People are getting for Xmas this year from The Majority Ordinary People. 
     Other than a little coal to put in the socks of the power drunk fraud elected government of BC, we are calling 2015, WORLD BUY NOTHING XMAS.  Coal exports will soon stop, so will self serving political leaders. Liquefied  Natural Gas is twice as dirty as Natural Gas. To liquefy and transport one unit, spends one unit. How Dirty is burning LNG? Near Twice as dirty as direct piped natural gas to its location of use, with twice the value of usable energy. Un-Common Sense claims it is criminal to waste half of a resource for a make work never get anything done project. The same thing that BC and New Zealand are presently doing with Coal. Ripping and tearing up the planet for Monetary Gain. Completely Nuts to the Ordinary informed Person.
     The Garden Party of BC forecasts a 20% Reduction Of Coal Exports For 2016. Minimum requirement, New World Order. Are you paying attention New Zealand? 

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