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Monday, December 21, 2015

Public Subsidizing Aero Industry.

     Bank Rolls for Insiders, cost overruns, more Greenhouse Gases in our atmosphere, Canada building more jets for Flying Gladiators and World Conferences on Global Warming. People making the Decisions still have numbers branded on their Brains. We don't need more jets screwing up our atmosphere, we need Common Sense.
     2016, this is the year that we really have to start turning things around. Less Flying. That is right, cut back Flying by 20% for 2016, minimum. Stop going to watch fly in Gladiators. Stop buying flown in food, at least 20% for 2016, and do another 20% again in 2017. 
    Making money, just one more mega project, before we start turning things around is never making the changes we all need to make. Stop Public Purse funding for Private Profits. Jets, Military, LNG, Dams to liquefy natural gas, infrastructure for more cars, Coal Exports.
      What is money? The USA just wrote 20 trillion dollars out of thin air to stimulate their economy(?). And the US dollar goes up in value? Must be great value in thin air, World's Second Biggest Scam. The End of Daze! Park your car and stop buying imported junk. Address Climate Change. Make a outside Local Hockey Rink, Plan to a garden, and a Community.

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