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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

China Goes Green

     China's Government  is trying to match The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Goals of Fossil Fuel Reduction of 60% by 2018. China's new goals are 60% by 2020. We will attempt to help China reach their goal two years sooner by expanding our Buy Nothing Days. 
     China is also a major exporter of war junk, and until those exports stop The Garden Party will BUY NOTHING FROM CHINA FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF DECEMBER 2015. We will not limit our Generosity to just China but will also aid all countries producing Weapons of Mass Destruction to reduce their fossil fuel consumption by BUYING NOTHING FROM ALL ARMS DEALERS.
     Besides China, forth biggest dealer, the Garden Party of Canada Without Borders is Buying Nothing from the biggest Arms Dealer with 70% of the world market, the USA. Followed by Russia, France, Germany, UK, Israel, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, South Korea and Canada. 
     Convert Military to Emergency Response for Prevention of War. Stop all War Junk Production Locally, Boycott Globally. 
     This is a past it on message from our Minister For More Unemployment of Useless and Destructive Jobs. Grow a organic Garden and cut imports. Gardens are always a peaceful place.

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