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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cheaper Housing Coming

     Our forecast of $35 a barrel for oil in 2015 has been accomplished. Now we will push it down another $10. Next big drop will be house prices, with the drop of the Canadian Dollar to 70 cents, monitory value of real estate has already lost 30%, and our goal is another 30% drop for 2016. Imported Food prices go up as the dollar goes down.  
     Right now 80% of food eaten in Canada is imported, and 50% of that wasted. That is in the process of being reversed with a Goal of 95% eaten in Canada, grown in Canada and less than 5% wasted. 
     Canada Feeds Canada, in Six Years. New World Order, for 2016, Eat 40% locally grown foods.
     Press release from The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders Minister of Gardens. We are looking for a good spot to set up a communal home for WW2 Vets, with room for gardens and Gardeners. Do you have such a place? Get in touch. 

Needs a radiator shroud.

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