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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Canada's Food Prices.

     One reason food prices are up has been because Canada's dollar is sinking into the compost, while 80% of food eaten in Canada is imported.  The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders, continues with its goal to grow and eat 95% local foods. This should be the goal everywhere and could lower the world carbon release. Want to stop Global Warming? Eat what grows nearest to you, the many benefits are obvious, food security being one of them. Garden farming can be done without machines, and yields can far exceed monoculture farming. Corporate Monoculture farms are a Environmental Disaster everywhere they exist. Canada will see a increasing return to the land 2016 and will phase out all Corporate Run Farms in Canada within the next Six Years. We expect the Back to the Land Movement to grow as land prices drop until all dirt is considered priceless. Buying and selling agriculture land just will not be happening in the future, yet there will be far easier access for all who want to get their fingers in the dirt instead of the public purse like our Hot Potato Senator from PEI who knew The Conservative Party ran scams in the past Federal Elections and now is spilling the beans since he got caught with his fingers in the cookie jar. Nothing real unusual, every Canadian Election since confederation has been all about the cookie jar and even the last election was a Fraud that eliminated over 50% of the population from full participation. 
     Grow your own beans, put money in the Compost, start a garden, free seed available.

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