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Sunday, December 20, 2015

BC Dictators Build Toll Bridge.

     Our Ram Rod Fraud Elected Provincial Government of BC has planned Ten Lane Toll Bridge over the Frazer River to increase the easy flow of autos into Vancouver. Wrong move. We need to decrease cars and dense population of unsustainable cities. The urban planning has gone a muck. Ask Los Angelus. Is that what we really want? Of course not. A close examination of traffic and commuters shows us that 85% is unnecessary, useless and wasteful. Our Social Stucture reorganized could easily decrease driving by 80% without lowering our so called 'standard of living' one degree. Ram Rod Fraud Elected Governments may think they can do whatever they want, and have done just that in the past, but no more. 
     The Liberal Self Serving Government of BC will answer to the People, who are the Real Government of BC. So, to our Self Esteemed Leaders of BC, what you got away with in the past, you will not get away with today.  A clear message from The Garden Party Self Government of BC Without Borders.  We really do not need to maintain Corrupt Self Serving Governments, nor can we be forced too, by intimidation, or offers of carrots. We must be unexceptional and priceless. And we have our own carrots. 

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