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Friday, November 13, 2015

The End For Olympics

     It is the wrong reason to shut down the Olympics or Flying Gladiator Games because of 'terrorist threats', making large public gatherings unsafe. But there are many good reasons to shut down the made for distraction and profits games. The dumping jet fuel exhaust in the upper atmosphere by tens of thousands of planes every day, carting players, equipment, fans, reporters and camera crews so we can watch canned corporate sports is a bit much. Millions of fans transported to stadiums that the locals cannot use, to cheer, jeer, or drink beer. The limit of participation. Corporate Canned Sports, with Corporate Canned Beer and Hot Dogs, with the public purse paying for not just medical bills, but most of the infrastructure required to service the games. Ridiculous. Time to open eyes and take a look at all the real costs of Gladiators Games, and other Things. Maybe revive more community games where we all win, and eat local real food. 
     Three outside skating rinks have been suggested for Wells BC. Could be started this year. Just need skates and sticks with a pine cone for a puck. Improvised Sports can be just as exciting and even more fun than Money Games, and costs, real costs as well as funny money costs are next to nothing, and real social benefits to many to list.
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders is calling for Canadian Sports Fans, and many are Gardeners, to Ground The Flying Gladiators, a bluer sky will appear immediately for local games. Refugees Welcome,  Right Action, Gets Right Reaction. Shovel Off The Snow!

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