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Monday, November 9, 2015

No More Military Aid.

     The Garden Party Of Canada Without Borders is calling for the end of all Military Industries. Shut them all down and issue all employees, Ministers of Defence, and war mongering leaders shovels. A full people's boycott of all countries exporting arms has been started in Canada, and a call for the cancellation of the present secret deal for sales of arms to Saudi Arabia.
 We call on people everywhere to stop buying Canadian Products or selling products to Canada until Harper's deal with Saudi Arabia is Composted, the facts speak for themselves, collective public action can shut down this deal of anything for bucks and jobs aiding leaders with well known human rights violations. 
     Ten Biggest Arms Exporters to Boycott , US, Russia, China, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Israel. 
     Put the pressure on domestically and globally to get the desired change. Help out the people who quit or lose their jobs, provide seeds and shovels, we have beans.

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