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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Garden Party Cabinet.

     Our Minister of Finance has an allergy to money and refuses to touch a coin. The Minister insists that money is the root of all evil, and to survive, requires  a complete uprooting. Anyone who thinks they need money are referred to the Minister, living in Beacon Hill Park in a tent or under a tarp, office hours are 7pm to 9am, due to local by laws that insist sleeping in the daytime is a crime.
     The New Minister of Pass The Buck is calling for a stop to almost all work, and is glad to set an example by doing nothing, in fact our Minister got appointed to this job with long experience and impeccable record of doing nothing. The Minister is insistent that the easiest mess to clean up is the one you don't make. At any rate the world needs no help in making a mess, and at least the Minister is not contributing to it. The Minister has declared Nov 20th and 21st, World Do Nothing, Buy Nothing, Holiday. 

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