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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

LNG conversion

     Converting Natural Gas to Liquified Natural Gas makes LNG a 'dirty' fuel. It takes energy, lots of energy to convert Natural Gas to liquid state. Natural Gas is relatively cleaner burning than coal or oil, but when conversion wastes half the energy, it makes sense to use Natural Gas where it can be piped to a place of use. Natural Gas will lose half or thereabouts of its value by liquification, refrigeration and tanker transportation. Yes it is a plentiful resource but LNG is nothing more than criminal waste for quit profits. And what will this falsely called clean fuel going to be used for after export? Making Xmas lights, turning other resources into junk to fill garbage dumps? But what else can you really expect from Coin Operated Zombie Governments.
     The Right Action is to use natural gas as needed locally, for the long term, instead of getting only half value by liquefying for tanker exports. Only misinformed and brain dead elected self serving politicians could support Liquefied Natural Gas. Example being the Fraud Elected Liberal Party Movers and Shakers of BC Canada, they will soon join Former Fraud PM of Canada in the Garden. 
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders is actively Composting All 'Just Us' Political Parties, and is now Starting to Compost both the Democratic and Republic Parties in the USA. No Country on Space Ship Earth produces and peddles more weapons of mass destruction than the USA, or uses them more, often enough fighting against weapons made in the USA, or France, or Canada. 
     The Garden Party of Canada Without Borders is calling for a complete stop to LNG and the sales of arms for export in Canada, France and the USA. Got to be done, might as well face up to the facts, shovels are better than guns, check out the flowers.

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