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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Climate Change.

     There is no doubt that we need a Social Climate Change, if we are to succeed at preventing a disastrous Global Climate Change. Waste is great for the Global Economy(money), and no better way than blowing up bombs, destroying towns and cities with all the infrastructure. Just look at all the jobs and resources needed to replace everything adding yet a greater attack on a already fragile planet. The oceans are being depleted of fish and polluted, forests wiped out, mountains levelled, fresh clean water disappearing. 
     At some point people will just have to grow up and take responsibility for their actions, at least everyone that is old enough to be called a adult. Certainly consideration should be given to people who have had a harsh upbringing, but a inability to learn from past mistakes when clearly pointed out, perhaps taking responsibility for those actions by getting locked up could be a benefit, they might grow up and be a real social benefit, but if we allow irresponsibility for adults, we should accept being problem enablers. Jail time might be okay way to detox, could be a blessing instead of a curse. Responsibility comes with growing up, pack in the drugs and alcohol, there is serious work to do if the future is to be rosy, admit the crime, do the time, start new with a little help from a friend. Gardens are great therapy.

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