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Monday, November 9, 2015

Canada Best Investments 2016

     Certain Foods will see increased demand as will some real estate chunks. Good time to gather stocks of Leftovers, as values in dollars of houses drop below what is owed we will be seeing folks leaving their houses for a less cluttered life style choosing to claim available space under a bridge, where they can take advantage of zero rent and land taxes, no water bills, lighting is free and stays on all night, plus if you are a social type of person you will meet a broad variety of people all day and night. Also living outside where you can somewhat experience and get closer to nature is something everyone should do. So why pay for prison walls and have constant demands of throwing out junk and buying more to fill a void that keeps growing like dandelions. Break out and head for the closest bridge before all prime free real estate is occupied, you will never have time to look back in appreciation of the good old days when Leftovers increase in value because of greater demand. 
      Take your seeds and garden tools. Dig in anywhere and hold your ground. United Nations agreement, right to eat, Canada signed on, start a garden, and do expect visitors. There are only restrictions for numbers of unrelated people living in houses in Canada, but under bridges living in tents you can pack in as many strangers as you have room, and never turn away refugees. No person we heard of has ever been arrested and charged for having too many people in a tent. Mind you, living under a bridge is not for everybody, but your environmental footprint would be small, and you could feel like you are doing your part to reverse climate change even if it means you get colder. Look at it this way, rents, mortgages and useless jobs serving a crime against humanity will never be a joyful life, under a bridge has at least possibilities. 

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