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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Another Climate Change Conference.

     A World Ordinary People Conference on Climate Change. After all Ordinary People are a massive majority, and as slaves for all the Non Ordinary People who are having a Holiday in Paris, we are proclaiming a Climate Change Conference Dec 1, 2015, in every Garden, Home, House, Camp, Warehouse, School, Abattoir, Truck Stop, Pub, Oil Rig, Barn and Hospital. 
     Conference Goal by Ordinary People for 2016 as regards Consumption of Fossil Fuels is a reduction of 20%. Minimum requirement. That's for starters, from there, each On Going Daily Conference Discussions, Goals and Actions will be decided on by Ordinary People, who can now feel entitled and are Special. After all, Ordinary People partake in making the mess and are now resisting Money, the Biggest Cause of Wars, Plunder and Pollution, Social Disorder, and Armed to the Teeth Leaders with Unbalanced Minds. Face it, it has been informed ordinary people pushing change at the grassroots all along, impeded by the 'non ordinary Leaders'. No longer are we waiting to listen to promises they may or may not keep. 
      Dec 1st, ORDINARY PEOPLE CONFERENCE ON CLIMATE AND SOCIAL CHANGE OFFICIALLY STARTS DEC 1st, 2015. Start your own, at all locations, even in your garden. If you are going to spend money for Xmas, personally see what the homeless including refugees need. We are all related, time to end the family squabble.

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