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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Another Climate Change Conference.

     A World Ordinary People Conference on Climate Change. After all Ordinary People are a massive majority, and as slaves for all the Non Ordinary People who are having a Holiday in Paris, we are proclaiming a Climate Change Conference Dec 1, 2015, in every Garden, Home, House, Camp, Warehouse, School, Abattoir, Truck Stop, Pub, Oil Rig, Barn and Hospital. 
     Conference Goal by Ordinary People for 2016 as regards Consumption of Fossil Fuels is a reduction of 20%. Minimum requirement. That's for starters, from there, each On Going Daily Conference Discussions, Goals and Actions will be decided on by Ordinary People, who can now feel entitled and are Special. After all, Ordinary People partake in making the mess and are now resisting Money, the Biggest Cause of Wars, Plunder and Pollution, Social Disorder, and Armed to the Teeth Leaders with Unbalanced Minds. Face it, it has been informed ordinary people pushing change at the grassroots all along, impeded by the 'non ordinary Leaders'. No longer are we waiting to listen to promises they may or may not keep. 
      Dec 1st, ORDINARY PEOPLE CONFERENCE ON CLIMATE AND SOCIAL CHANGE OFFICIALLY STARTS DEC 1st, 2015. Start your own, at all locations, even in your garden. If you are going to spend money for Xmas, personally see what the homeless including refugees need. We are all related, time to end the family squabble.

Ordinary People's Party

     Sunday Meeting at 5090 West Saanich Rd. Victoria BC Today Nov 29th, 2 PM, in the Garden. 

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Climate Change.

     There is no doubt that we need a Social Climate Change, if we are to succeed at preventing a disastrous Global Climate Change. Waste is great for the Global Economy(money), and no better way than blowing up bombs, destroying towns and cities with all the infrastructure. Just look at all the jobs and resources needed to replace everything adding yet a greater attack on a already fragile planet. The oceans are being depleted of fish and polluted, forests wiped out, mountains levelled, fresh clean water disappearing. 
     At some point people will just have to grow up and take responsibility for their actions, at least everyone that is old enough to be called a adult. Certainly consideration should be given to people who have had a harsh upbringing, but a inability to learn from past mistakes when clearly pointed out, perhaps taking responsibility for those actions by getting locked up could be a benefit, they might grow up and be a real social benefit, but if we allow irresponsibility for adults, we should accept being problem enablers. Jail time might be okay way to detox, could be a blessing instead of a curse. Responsibility comes with growing up, pack in the drugs and alcohol, there is serious work to do if the future is to be rosy, admit the crime, do the time, start new with a little help from a friend. Gardens are great therapy.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Gardens For Refugees.

   "Gardeners", Prepare the locations, provide the seeds and tools close to water and living accommodations. Coach if needed so crop yields are good. Involve community Gardeners, a great way to connect with newcomers. Gardens provides the best, freshest, most nutritious fruits and vegetables, and gets rid of some need for food money. So get organized and do your part to welcome the unexpected guests and make them right at home. 
     The Garden Party Self Government of Canada Without Borders Instant Response Team is ready to respond with Priceless Instant Gardens for all refugees. P.I.G.'s are also available for anyone who needs help to get a garden started.
    The project is fully funded by OAP Pension Funds, finally being invested in a better future. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

The End For Olympics

     It is the wrong reason to shut down the Olympics or Flying Gladiator Games because of 'terrorist threats', making large public gatherings unsafe. But there are many good reasons to shut down the made for distraction and profits games. The dumping jet fuel exhaust in the upper atmosphere by tens of thousands of planes every day, carting players, equipment, fans, reporters and camera crews so we can watch canned corporate sports is a bit much. Millions of fans transported to stadiums that the locals cannot use, to cheer, jeer, or drink beer. The limit of participation. Corporate Canned Sports, with Corporate Canned Beer and Hot Dogs, with the public purse paying for not just medical bills, but most of the infrastructure required to service the games. Ridiculous. Time to open eyes and take a look at all the real costs of Gladiators Games, and other Things. Maybe revive more community games where we all win, and eat local real food. 
     Three outside skating rinks have been suggested for Wells BC. Could be started this year. Just need skates and sticks with a pine cone for a puck. Improvised Sports can be just as exciting and even more fun than Money Games, and costs, real costs as well as funny money costs are next to nothing, and real social benefits to many to list.
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders is calling for Canadian Sports Fans, and many are Gardeners, to Ground The Flying Gladiators, a bluer sky will appear immediately for local games. Refugees Welcome,  Right Action, Gets Right Reaction. Shovel Off The Snow!

Live and let live.

Garden Party Without Borders is Reviving the Peace Movement in Saanich BC, Sunday 2 PM meeting, Goals, might as well think big and persist in accomplishing what one can with the willing. World Disarmament. Self Reliance, Starting with Food and Accommodations. Now is as good a time as any to pick up the challenge to rid ourselves of monetary control and lay the rejected brick to create a future that isn't self destructive. All refugees are welcome to roll up their sleeves for mutual benefit. Garden Projects are in the works in Saanich now, Quesnel BC and Stead Manitoba in the Spring. Start your own, help is available. 

Marijuana Deregulated, Canada.

      That's right, pot is just another garden herb, like mint. The Self Government of Canada Without Borders, The Garden Party, considers Pot Deregulated to the Same Regulations as Cucumbers. One you pickle, the other pickles you. So do what cucumber regulations allow. 
      Why give a monopoly of profits to another band of thieves, legal Thieves mind you. And why create more wasteful tax collections and inspections on flavour, color, water content, size, and firmness of your cucumbers, that would be stupid to settle for, COMPETE DEREGULATION OF MARIJUANA. Now let's quit blowing smoke and get to work on important things. Like Starting Garden Preparation for 200,000 Refugees. Garden Party continues to Expand Daily.  

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

LNG conversion

     Converting Natural Gas to Liquified Natural Gas makes LNG a 'dirty' fuel. It takes energy, lots of energy to convert Natural Gas to liquid state. Natural Gas is relatively cleaner burning than coal or oil, but when conversion wastes half the energy, it makes sense to use Natural Gas where it can be piped to a place of use. Natural Gas will lose half or thereabouts of its value by liquification, refrigeration and tanker transportation. Yes it is a plentiful resource but LNG is nothing more than criminal waste for quit profits. And what will this falsely called clean fuel going to be used for after export? Making Xmas lights, turning other resources into junk to fill garbage dumps? But what else can you really expect from Coin Operated Zombie Governments.
     The Right Action is to use natural gas as needed locally, for the long term, instead of getting only half value by liquefying for tanker exports. Only misinformed and brain dead elected self serving politicians could support Liquefied Natural Gas. Example being the Fraud Elected Liberal Party Movers and Shakers of BC Canada, they will soon join Former Fraud PM of Canada in the Garden. 
     The Garden Party, Self Government of Canada Without Borders is actively Composting All 'Just Us' Political Parties, and is now Starting to Compost both the Democratic and Republic Parties in the USA. No Country on Space Ship Earth produces and peddles more weapons of mass destruction than the USA, or uses them more, often enough fighting against weapons made in the USA, or France, or Canada. 
     The Garden Party of Canada Without Borders is calling for a complete stop to LNG and the sales of arms for export in Canada, France and the USA. Got to be done, might as well face up to the facts, shovels are better than guns, check out the flowers.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Canada Best Investments 2016

     Certain Foods will see increased demand as will some real estate chunks. Good time to gather stocks of Leftovers, as values in dollars of houses drop below what is owed we will be seeing folks leaving their houses for a less cluttered life style choosing to claim available space under a bridge, where they can take advantage of zero rent and land taxes, no water bills, lighting is free and stays on all night, plus if you are a social type of person you will meet a broad variety of people all day and night. Also living outside where you can somewhat experience and get closer to nature is something everyone should do. So why pay for prison walls and have constant demands of throwing out junk and buying more to fill a void that keeps growing like dandelions. Break out and head for the closest bridge before all prime free real estate is occupied, you will never have time to look back in appreciation of the good old days when Leftovers increase in value because of greater demand. 
      Take your seeds and garden tools. Dig in anywhere and hold your ground. United Nations agreement, right to eat, Canada signed on, start a garden, and do expect visitors. There are only restrictions for numbers of unrelated people living in houses in Canada, but under bridges living in tents you can pack in as many strangers as you have room, and never turn away refugees. No person we heard of has ever been arrested and charged for having too many people in a tent. Mind you, living under a bridge is not for everybody, but your environmental footprint would be small, and you could feel like you are doing your part to reverse climate change even if it means you get colder. Look at it this way, rents, mortgages and useless jobs serving a crime against humanity will never be a joyful life, under a bridge has at least possibilities. 

No More Military Aid.

     The Garden Party Of Canada Without Borders is calling for the end of all Military Industries. Shut them all down and issue all employees, Ministers of Defence, and war mongering leaders shovels. A full people's boycott of all countries exporting arms has been started in Canada, and a call for the cancellation of the present secret deal for sales of arms to Saudi Arabia.
 We call on people everywhere to stop buying Canadian Products or selling products to Canada until Harper's deal with Saudi Arabia is Composted, the facts speak for themselves, collective public action can shut down this deal of anything for bucks and jobs aiding leaders with well known human rights violations. 
     Ten Biggest Arms Exporters to Boycott , US, Russia, China, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Ukraine, Israel. 
     Put the pressure on domestically and globally to get the desired change. Help out the people who quit or lose their jobs, provide seeds and shovels, we have beans.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New Garden Party Cabinet.

     Our Minister of Finance has an allergy to money and refuses to touch a coin. The Minister insists that money is the root of all evil, and to survive, requires  a complete uprooting. Anyone who thinks they need money are referred to the Minister, living in Beacon Hill Park in a tent or under a tarp, office hours are 7pm to 9am, due to local by laws that insist sleeping in the daytime is a crime.
     The New Minister of Pass The Buck is calling for a stop to almost all work, and is glad to set an example by doing nothing, in fact our Minister got appointed to this job with long experience and impeccable record of doing nothing. The Minister is insistent that the easiest mess to clean up is the one you don't make. At any rate the world needs no help in making a mess, and at least the Minister is not contributing to it. The Minister has declared Nov 20th and 21st, World Do Nothing, Buy Nothing, Holiday. 

Garden Party Certification.

     Our Minister Of Things That Grow, is now handing out Organic Certification for All Organic Pot Growers. Just send a sample by Pass It On Mail to our Qualified Team of Experts for Extensive Testing, get Organically Certified for no charge, the bigger the sample, the bigger the Certificate that will be sent by Pass It On Mail, to cut Government Costs.
     Another Free Government Service provided by the Self Government of Canada Without Borders, undermining  all other so called Free Trade Agreements designed by and for corporate beans for brains money chasing nuts. The Garden Party Declares Pot a natural Plant therefore as legal as cucumbers, so stick it in your pipe and suck it up.