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Monday, October 19, 2015

When The Dust Settles.

     After Canada's Election, a quick check of the bills, you will notice Money, the incumbents are still in power. Minority Rule Continues. Money is what stopped The Garden Party From being on the ballot. Money makes the rules, ignores the Constitution, and, Elected Party Governments bumble along.
     And the Election Process was illegal, and is before the courts now. If this election holds as valid, the entire House of Commons is in contempt of The Canadian Constitution. The New Elected PM, by an illegal election, is not Valid until the court decides the case. To Ignore the Court, that would be contempt of Court. All necessary parties have been ordered by the courts to defend the charges, within thirty days or be charged. This includes the elected Prime Minister.
     Just so to have a clear understanding, the Garden Parties interest in running in elections isn't to fix a failed form of Government, while money holds the power of life and death over the masses. We are introducing a different form of social organization. Without the Rule of Money, The New Government is Growing Organically. 

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