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Sunday, October 11, 2015

What Has To Go.

    Where are the Conservative Candidates? Not at meetings or responding to phone calls from media. Fraud Elected Harper has got to go. The use of Dirty Energy has to stop, quickly. The Tanker Loads of Chemicals produced every day that all end up in our environment and in our bodies, has to stop. 
     Regardless of the outcome of Party Elections, the real power to set a new direction is in the hands of the people. Any Government can be brought down by 20 % of public going on strike. The unappreciated janitors and plumbers could just do nothing for three weeks and the Government would be in the Toilet. The Garden Party would be glad to feed the Janitors and Plumbers while they hold on, until the Elected Government drops. Government from the bottom up is what was intended, and is now taking place.
     The Garden Party's ever growing Self Government of Canada is now offering a 'Special Pre-Election Deal' to Janitors and Plumbers on Vancouver Island, just in case they decide to do nothing for a few weeks. This winter we will make available all the materials needed to start boxed garden beds, plants and seeds included. If the situation calls for it, we will install complete Garden Beds, call it payment of taxes, and we will send ourselves the bill, to put in the Outhouse as a unreasonable justification for cutting down forests to send bills in the first place. 

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