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Tuesday, October 13, 2015


     Canada can and does make Tanks, does Canada make shovels, or is that too difficult? Shovel imports in the Big Box Junk Stores are Junk. Do Canadian Tanks fall apart the first time you use them? Probably.
     Canada has the iron ore and an energy glut, mostly wasted on such Items as Tanks. Several small well placed smelters, with railway connections, could supply Canadian Needs. Independent of unreliable supply, poor quality and corporate control. The export of raw resources and import of products made by those same resources is not sensible or sustainable. Forget about the Tanks for Saudi Arabia, make quality shovels, much different outcome. 
     CANADA DIGS CANADA, IN 6 1/4 YEARS, CANADA FEEDS CANADA IN 6 1/4 YEARS, with old shovels. Planting Garlic Today.
    Two Tails.

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